Airport Revenue News is a multi-channel media resource providing timely coverage and expert perspective on the issues impacting companies doing business in airports. Through its publications and conferences, ARN connects the airport business community with targeted information and access to opportunities in food and beverage, retail, development, duty-free and passenger services.

Covering The Airport Revenue World
Airport Revenue News (ARN) has covered timely and pertinent issues impacting revenues at airports. The monthly magazine is primarily focused on revenue trends, strategies, noteworthy developments, emerging opportunities and legislative updates of the airport industry as well as the businesses that operate within them.

ARN began publishing as a biweekly newsletter in 1995 (formerly known as Airport Retail News). In September 2001 the newsletter transitioned to Airport Revenue News and has become the foremost publication for news and information on the airport revenue industry.

ARN Fact Book 
ARN also publishes the industry’s annual Fact Book, a comprehensive resource detailing concession programs in top airports and key concession companies in the airport retailing industry.

The ARN Fact Book is the airport retailing industry’s foremost resource book on concession programs in top airports. Published once each year, the comprehensive book contains revenue details on North American airports and hard-to-find data such as concession rents, revenues and sales per enplanement on several segments of each airport’s concessions program. In the latest edition you will see sales from food and beverage, specialty retail, news and gifts, duty free, passenger services and advertising -on a terminal-by-terminal basis. Plus, you’ll find information on parking and car rental, as well as ratios of pre- to post-security concession locations and business to leisure traffic.

Plus, get all the information you need on key airport retailers, service providers, consultants, developers, managers and more. You’ll get all the critical details you need to make contact with key companies in the airport retailing business. For more information about the Fact Book please click here

Conference & Exhibition 
ARN also hosts its annual Airport Revenue Conference & Exhibition to provide attendees an opportunity to learn more from experts around the world, network with key industry participants and showcase their companies to this hard-to-reach audience. The ARN show features the largest gathering of airport decision makers and concession executives at any conference throughout the year. Featured during the conference are presentations by leading experts who share their research and expertise on cutting edge trends and business strategies in the areas of food and beverage, retail, technology, customer service, and much more. Additionally, an exhibit hall showcases the foremost companies and airports in the business. For more information about the conference please click here