2016 ARN Session 9 – Maximizing Revenue Potential

This session features three speakers who will address key ways airports and concessionaires can assess and expand their revenue growth opportunities. The first presentation will focus on quantifying everything from hard sales data to more intangible knowledge, such as customer satisfaction and propensity to purchase. The second presentation will highlight key success factors of a digital transformation of airports, which experts say is crucial if airports want to be at the forefront of meeting the needs of a new generation of travelers. Finally, a third presentation examines the use of technology to transform the airport experience.

Moderator: James DeCock, manager of terminal concessions, terminals and tenants, San Diego International

Speakers: Mark Gallagher, vice president of business management, Americas, SITA; James Ingram, director, DKMA; Antony Ritch, COO, Westfield Labs